van Osnabrugge, Osenbrugge etc.

This page is mainly about the (van) Osnabrugge, Osenbrugge etc. families in the Netherlands, after (or just before) 1600.

The Ossenbruch (-broich) descendants in Germany are described on the bottom of this page.
Interestingly, there are van Osenbruggens living in Germany today, who are descendants of Hermanus Gijsbertus van Osenbruggen from Ingen. His 4 sons married there in ~1890s and had many children.

Further information on (van) O. families in the Netherlands and many other countries can be found on the census page.

Most of the (van) O-s living in the Netherlands are decendants of three patriarchs. Often their descendants' names are spelled differently during the first 100 years.

You can further find information on who lived (lives) where on the "Find Places" page, while the "Heat Map" might be easier to use and informative. Just zoom into an area, which you are interested in.

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