This genealogy database contains research and information on some 4,000 (van) Osnabrugge, Osenbrugge(n), Ossenbruch (-broich) etc. people, including those whose names were pronounced and written (sometimes only slightly) differently over the past eight centuries i.e. the 70 different name variations, as can be seen in the scroll-box on the right.
Additionally, there is information on over 6,000 related family members.

It is our intention to eventually identify all of the people by the names in the scroll-box and include them in our database, but our main priorities, at the moment, are the descendants of the (van) Osnabrugge, Osenbrugge(n), Ossenbruch (-broich) etc. families mentioned inside. If you have any information, you would like to share, please contact us here.

The name
All the (van)Osnabrugge, Osenbruggen, Ossenbroich etc. people (with all the different spellings) we have identified sofar seem to originate from two sources:

A census done in 2007 showed that (only) 1807 people with 15 name variations were alive and living in the Netherlands. More census details, and estimates for other countries, are given inside.

What's inside:
Many family trees. Articles and documents on History, Language, Nobility, van O. and King Henry VIII, van O. castles and manors, Family Trees to Charlemagne (Karel de Grote), Coat of Arms, Engravings, Photos and much more.

Please come back often. We still have hundreds of names and details to add. We update this site almost on a daily basis.

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